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Published 24th Jul 2023 by PB Admin

Threads is a new app from Instagram’s parent company ‘Meta’ for sharing text updates and joining public conversations. 

The newly released platform managed to surpass the 10 million user mark in just seven hours. while by comparison, it took Instagram 355 days to reach 10 million registered users, and Twitter 780 days to get to the same amount.   

We spoke to two beauty professionals who were early adopters of Threads, to get their thoughts on the new app and how they plan to harness it professionally.

We also share some advice from Jon Morgan, chief executive of business tactics platform Venture Smarter, who shares five ways he believes small businesses should be utilising Threads in order to maintain a competitive edge. 

Two beauty pros weigh in on Threads...


Dija Ayodele, aesthetician and founder of the Black Skin Directory (left) and Chantelle Vermont nail tech, educator and CEO of Clawgasmic Nail Network (right). 

What are your initial thoughts on Threads?

Dija Ayodele: "I absolutely love it. I think it's very non-threatening, and it has none of the current clutter and bad vibes that Twitter can have. 

" I think it's just another space to build and nurture community. For people that haven’t gotten on that well with Instagram and creating a vibrant brand aesthetic or those that rather express themselves with words then I think it could be great.

" The app converts your Instagram community into Threads so it's not very laborious to set up.

"You can also have all these real-time conversations in a way that you don't necessarily have on the main Instagram platform." 

Chantelle Vermont:  I like how raw and unedited it is! I love Instagram for its perfection but that part of it can be off-putting and can stop people from wanting to post as it has become very over curated... It can make us all overthink our work... is it good enough? Plus we feel like we must keep up with the ever-changing 'algorithm'

Threads feels different, nobody necessarily knows what they are doing or what to post, people are just posting, fun facts, cute pics and we are seeing their sense of humor.

It's refreshing, it's like going back in time to Facebook statuses and things feel less perfect and planned out. Nobody really knows how it works yet so stressing about your reach, likes or followers hasn’t been such a thing. It’s exciting! 

How are you currently using Threads?

Ayodele: "It's really just about sharing thoughts and ideas and then engaging with colleagues and friends in adjacent industries to what I do. I'm also just using it to connect with people who I feel would be interested in the work I do. 

"It's very broad for me at the moment. Most of us are still finding our way around it and there is freedom in that as everyone is in the same boat. We are finding our way through together in terms of how it will be harnessed for business growth."

Vermont: "Because of the Instagram algorithm you are often only repeatedly shown the same accounts and you don’t see the posts of all of the people you follow.

"With Threads, it converts your Instagram followers over to the app and I'm seeing incredible nail techs I have followed for ages but forgot I followed them because Instagram’s algorithm would never show me their posts.

"Seeing them on Threads is then prompting me to go back on Instagram to check them out. I am loving connecting with them again but who knows how long Threads' algorithm will stay like that."

How do you think it could be used professionally?

Ayodele:  "For me, it is mainly about setting myself apart as a thought leader and an expert in my field - that's the most important way I think it will benefit me while building community and cultivating it around my expertise.

"It could also be an excellent tool for raising awareness of my brands and making people curious so that they can find out more, especially for Black Skin Directory and leading them to the website, at the moment. I'm really just enjoying using the app and connecting with people."

Vermont: "I think Threads is a great way to kind of show a different aspect of your business and your personality. If you're a brand it can be hard to do that on other platforms especially if your feed is heavily curated. People tend to use their Instagram stories more for that kind of content rather than posting it on their feeds."

Business Expert John Morgan weighs in on Threads...

Jon Morgan, chief executive of business tactics platform Venture SmarterJon Morgan.

Can Threads help build brand awareness?

"Threads is yet another opportunity for small businesses to increase visibility for their brand - with updates on products and services, and company news. This is important as companies with a good level of brand visibility and awareness have an edge over competitors, as it helps to influence customers’ decisions," says Morgan.

"Now is a good opportunity for small businesses to start posting while there remains a lot of hype around the platform; the algorithm may promote their posts to a wider audience than when bigger brands get on board.

"At the time of writing, some globally recognised brands have either not made an account yet or have registered an account but are yet to make their first post."

How to build customer engagement 

"Customers love to be heard, and building rapport with them on their chosen social media platform can build brand loyalty, whilst also being an opportunity to provide the customer with support for the product or service," says Morgan.

Market research on Threads

"By looking at what people are talking about on Threads and also monitoring what their competitors are doing, small businesses can gain valuable insights that might have been overlooked previously," adds Morgan.

"This information can highlight consumer pain points, improve products or services, and identify new market opportunities."

Using Threads for networking and partnerships 

"Threads offers an opportunity for businesses to connect and collaborate with other companies, industry influencers, and potential partners," explains Morgan.

"By following and engaging with relevant accounts within or outside their business niche, companies can tap into each other’s follower base and identify which users would be the right fit for promoting their product or service."

Can Threads be used for recruitment?

"Threads could potentially be a social media platform that is also great for recruitment, as small businesses can share job openings with people that already have a vested interest in the company. It can also prove to be a faster and more cost-effective method than using a recruitment agency," advises Morgan.

Have you downloaded Threads? How do you think it might help you grow your beauty business? 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Jul 2023

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