Tried and tested: The Smoothie facial

By Victoria Gadsden, Professional Beauty Intern

As Kate Middleton’s pre-wedding facial I was excited to try the Karin Herzog Smoothie facial, and found it a treatment truly worthy of a princess. As soon as I entered the Beauty & Melody salon, I was instantly charmed, welcomed in with a platter of smoked salmon canapés, macaroons and Ferrero Rochers. I was presented with a glass of champagne and pot of tea as I sat and discussed the spa treatments with my therapist. The salon is spacious and light with a stylish cream interior and glistening selection of products, with a pianist playing soothing music in the background.

My therapist led me into my candle-lit room with soft music playing, and I changed into the dressing gown ready for my facial.

The Smoothie treatment began with a deep cleansing cream to remove impurities and prime my skin for the Oxygen Products. My therapist then exfoliated my skin with a serum containing fruit acids that worked to lift away dry, dead skin cells and make my skin ready for the Active Oxygen. Talking me through each step, Paris made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. A warm towel was placed over my face to cleanse away the exfoliating mask, and then the oxygenating mask with 1% oxygen and Vitamins A and E was applied. This cool, sweet smelling mask was painted gradually across my chin, cheekbones, nose and forehead and a linen cloth was placed over my face to be left on for 5 minutes. In this time, my therapist massaged my feet and gave me some interesting reflexology readings. She also massaged my neck and shoulders, making me feel completely relaxed.

Once removed, the cloth had turned brown with the impurities removed from my skin, and showed how deeply the treatment had cleansed into my pores. This was followed by a thermal mineral clay mask and finished with a Vitamin H cream.

After treatment my skin felt intensely cleansed and clean. The 60-minute length meant I was able to lay back and fully absorb the experience.

My therapist then recommended I have my eye-brows tinted, and selected a dark brown shade to suit my skin tone. She painted the dye on and it was done within 10 minutes. My beautician then threaded my brows which was quick and painless and expertly done, creating a lovely natural shape.

The princess treatment continued during my OPI Gel manicure. With a great selection of polishes, I chose a slightly shimmering dark plum shade and a sparkly white shade for each ring finger.

Feeling refreshed and pampered, I can definitely understand why Kate chose to visit Beauty & Melody for her pre-wedding treatments. A delightful Salon.