Two thirds of British beauty workers want to work abroad

A new BABTAC survey has revealed that two thirds of UK beauty industry professionals want to work abroad.

The most desirable destinations were revealed to be the US, Australia and Spain. BABTAC commissioned the research to find out more about international travel and work opportunities in the beauty sector, and how that compares with the threat of workers from overseas in the UK. 2,121 British workers over the age of 18 who are currently employed in the beauty industry took part in the survey.

68% of respondents confirmed that they would like to work abroad. Comparatively, only 29% believed that their jobs in the UK were under threat from immigrant workers.

Nail technicians accounted for 22% of those who said they would like to work overseas; closely followed by masseuses (16%) and make-up artists (13%).

Emma Roberts, marketing executive of BABTAC, commented: “We hear a lot about diversity and immigration in the workplace, but a lot less about us Brits actually deciding to up sticks and leave for job openings abroad. The beauty industry is one which affords workers some really good opportunities overseas and it’s no wonder that many of us wouldn’t mind taking the chance to travel and find our feet in other countries.”

She continued: “What’s particularly interesting is that such a huge majority would happily take a job abroad without any guilt or thought as to the fact that they are essentially taking a spot which could have otherwise employed a local person; something which we’ve heard many complaints about recently here in the UK.”