UK prestige makeup markets hits £264 million

Image: Gerrard International 

The prestige makeup market in the UK is valued at £264 million, according to new data from market researcher the NPD Group. The market grew by 12% between January and June, compared to the same period last year. 

The largest proportion of this, £103m, is made up of what NPD refers to as “classic makeup,” with specialist makeup accounting for £94, designer makeup for £49 and £18m falling into the category of “limited distribution.”

The sector’s growth was lead by liquid foundation, of which two million were sold between January and June, mascara, of which 1.4 m units were sold and lip colour, of which 1.1m were sold. 

Sales of designer makeup were up 3.5% on January-June 2013. June Jensen, director of beauty for the NPD Group in the UK, said: “Designer makeup sets the standard for colour cosmetics around the world. It has a strong association with luxury brands and A-list celebrities.

Each year a new wave of designer brands enter the market with a new colour line. This highlights the importance of makeup to a brand’s profile and its future sales strategy.”

The nails market represents 45% of designer makeup sales, with Jensen commenting: “Luxury brands are using their nail colour collections to define trends and to set the tone for the rest of the make-up collection.”