Vampire therapy and solid gold facials among the most bizarre anti-ageing treatments women would try

Almost half of UK women would undergo a placenta face mask in an attempt to fight the signs of ageing, according to

A survey carried out by the discount website into UK women’s spending habits on anti-ageing therapies asked respondents what types of unusual treatments they would be interested in trying if money was no object.

Placenta face mask topped the list, with 45% of those surveyed admitting they’d give it a go. Bee venom skincare and vampire facials came in second and third, with 41% and 39% respectively. The age-old practice of leeching was the fourth most popular treatment, with 38% of women curious to try it.

A significant number of the respondents admitted that they were willing to give some rather unpleasant treatments a go, with a quarter saying they’d try a bird poo facial, 30% saying they’d try a sperm facial and 15% they’d experiment with urine therapy.

Other treatments in the top ten list include cryotherapy, cactus massage and solid gold facials. Narrowly missing out on the top ten were fire cupping and bull sperm hair masques.

Mark Pearson, chairman of said, “With many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian trying the latest extreme beauty procedures, we were curious to see if the British public would want to attempt some of the more radical facial treatments. It’s clear that many would go to extreme lengths in the name of anti-ageing, should money be no object.” 

The research surveyed 2,173 British women aged 30 and over.