Vita Liberata launches Liberation Day, fronted by Kelly Brook


Tanning brand Vita Liberata is launching the Liberation Day campaign this month, supported by model and presenter Kelly Brook.

The campaign is inviting women to explain what they would do if they were given 24 hours free worries and responsibilities. The campaign was designed with the aim of making women think about how liberated they really are and will offer one woman the chance  to win the liberation day they have described.

Vita Liberata founder and chief executiveAlyson Hogg was previously head of communications for the Women’s Coalition and said she hoped this new campaign would strike up dialogue between women about what they were doing for themselves, not just for others.

She added: "I remember a time when there was a real spike in women’s independence and I’m sad to say that I can see this could so subtly slip away.Five decades after “Women’s Lib” we want to know just how liberated women really have become."

Kelly Brook said: “I am so excited to be part of the Liberation Day campaign; it is a great initiative that allows women to really think about what liberates them outside of their day-to-day lives.”

The competition will launch in June and run until December 31 with the winner announced in January 2014. One winner will also be picked at random every month for the next 6 months to win a "liberating" spa day. Entries will be taken online at