Welsh Government begins its own cosmetic review

An expert group has been set up by the Welsh Government's Health Minister  Mark Drakeford to discuss regulation of the cosmetic industry in Wales.

The move follows last month's publication of the Keogh review, which investigated regulation of cosmetic surgery in England.

One of the key concerns expressed in the Keogh review was that despite the popularity of non-surgical procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers, there is almost no regulation for them.

It called for dermal fillers to be made prescription only and for a mandatory injectables qualification to be set up for all practitioners. 

Drakeford said the new group would look at what action Wales needed to take to ensure the safety of consumers undergoing cosmetic procedures.

He told Wales Online: “Although the report was specifically aimed at the NHS in England, the Welsh Government has been kept informed with progress and developments.

He added: “I am committed to ensuring that the highest possible standards are maintained for the people of Wales. I have therefore asked the Deputy Chief Medical Officer to convene an expert group to discuss the report’s recommendations in detail and consider what actions we need to take.”

The group will report back to Drakeford by July.