Westin hotels introduces wellbeing escapes

Westin Hotels & Resorts has launched wellness retreats as part of its yearlong Westin Wellbeing Movement. 

Two Westin Wellbeing Escapes have so far been announced, with further dates to follow later in the year.

The initiatives will debut at the hotel group’s North American properties, before being rolled out internationally. 

The retreats will see Westin engage the expertise of practitioners across sectors including fitness, nutrition, yoga and mindful meditation and will include workshops, seminars and fitness and healthy cooking classes. 

The retreats are linked to Westin’s six pillars of wellbeing: Eat Well, Feel Well, Sleep Well, Work Well, Move Well and Play Well, with the inaugural retreat centred on the Move Well element. 

Brian Povinelli, global brand leader for Westin, said: “The Westin Wellness Escapes series is designed to motivate and educate those seeking to achieve or sustain a healthy lifestyle while still exploring the world."

Taking place at the Westin San Diego on April 10-12, the retreat will be led by Holly Perkins, the founder of Women’s Strength Nation, an organisation focused on strength training and established to “help women discover inner strength through the development of outer strength”. 

The retreat will feature exercise, tutorials and other activities. A Triathlon Recovery Retreat has also been confirmed for The Westin Jekyll Island in Georgia on May 16-17. 

The Westin Wellbeing programme also includes partnerships with SuperFoodsRx, to offer healthy dining, and mediation app Headspace.