What does franchising your salon or spa mean for you, and how skincare brand Guinot can help

Professional Beauty London is returning to ExCeL London on March 5-6 2023 with a host of industry-leading brands and an array of opportunities for salon and spa owners to try new products, network with professionals in the beauty industry, and learn about new skills and how to progress your business.

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One way to expand your business, grow your revenue, and gain new clients is by franchising your independent salon or spa with Guinot. 

Long-term business growth and the future of your business can often be overwhelming and difficult to decipher what your next move will be. If you keep coming back to this situation and need support with setting targets and navigating a pathway to achieving them, then the Guinot Franchise opportunity may be right for you.The Guinot Franchise program offers a proven methodology and operational practices to running a successful business. With over 48,000 franchise businesses currently in the UK, there is no doubt this is a successful business path for all industries. Franchising your salon may seem daunting, but in reality it’s a guided, calculated journey that can help you elevate, improve, and progress your business, upskill you and your workforce, and get you closer to achieving your salon goals.

Start your franchise journey by attending Professional Beauty London and visiting Guinot’s stand at G22 where you will have the opportunity to speak with Guinot Franchise professionals and current Guinot Franchise owners to discover how the franchise opportunity can work for you!

Common reasons that drive salon owners to become a franchise include:


From marketing to training and everything in between, being a franchisee you are in business for yourself, not by yourself as there is an extensive support network from the franchisor (Guinot) and our franchisees. Additionally, when you become franchise, you buy a system – a method of operating a business, you are provided tried and tested systems to follow and guidance in all aspects of operating your business.


This is due to enhanced trading terms and preferential rates a franchisee receives from Guinot and the trusted suppliers. As a franchisor we have the buying power to negotiate prices for items required to operate the business at lower levels than could be achieved as an independent salon owner.

Exit strategies and future planning;

A franchise allows you to control a business with instructions for building it and a team to support you, therefore it can create an income stream for an owner who may wish to step away from the business. Also when selling, a franchise can be a more valuable asset to sell due to the increased profitability and the goodwill being tied to the brand not the owner.

Becoming a franchisee with a well established and recognised brand is a potentially very profitable and smart move for your businesses career path; but you may have your doubts and concerns about how partnering with franchisor may affect your business and its core values - Guinot’s Ellie Tidy clarifies these common concerns:

Q: How does a franchise salon align with the values of an independent salon?

Sometimes there’s a perception that if you convert your existing business into a franchise you could lose your identity, control and values. When in fact Guinot believe it’s the opposite. As both franchisor and franchisee deliver a very clear shared identity through a business blueprint. The franchisee still employs the staff, leads and has the responsibilities associated with a business but with the ongoing support, mentoring and guidance of the franchisor. It’s the power of this relationship teamed with the passion and expertise of the franchisee that give the business personality and authenticity and it really resonates with the local community; the salons clients.

Q: Does becoming a franchisee mean you are still in control of the businesses end goals?

When we sign a new franchisee, we work with them to establish what is their “exit strategy”, “end goal” and their “why”. A Guinot franchise is a 10 year agreement therefore is an attractive option for salon owners considering the future of their business. If a franchisee succeeds, we succeed so it is important we align our values with a potential franchise candidate. The power of the Guinot franchise is the network, we trust them to implement proven systems and they trust us to guide them to achieve success.

Learn more about the Guinot franchising opportunities by arranging a meeting with Guinot now, before Professional Beauty London, by logging into your ShowHub account using the email address and password you used to create your Professional Beauty London ticket, click on ‘Brands’, select ‘Guinot’, and click on ‘Enquire Now’. This is your opportunity to beat the crowds, dicuss your businesses goals with Guinot professionals before the show, and secure a one-on-one session with Guinot franchise experts (on stand G22) at Professional Beauty London 2023. 

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