Young women rate celeb-branded products bad value

Despite the popularity of celebrity-endorsed beauty products, such as the new One Direction-branded make-up and nail polish range (pictured), more than half of young British women think they are poor value for money.

New research from a money-saving website found that 52% of young women in the UK believe that celebrity-branded beauty products and ranges are not good value for money, but the majority still admitted that they had purchased products from these ranges.

Some 53% of the 2,003 young female British beauty fans surveyed by said they had purchased celebrity beauty ranges in the past, including make-up ranges and perfumes.

The majority (63%) said they enjoyed using these products but when asked whether or not they felt that celebrity-branded beauty ranges were good value for money, only 17% said they believed they were.

Of those who felt celebrity beauty ranges were not good value, 34% said it was because these ranges were poor quality, while 29% admitted that these ranges did not live up to the hype and 17% claimed they were too expensive.

However, despite their scepticism about the results and value these ranges represent, 87% of young women said they'd prefer to buy products associated with a celebrity they like to buying ranges with no celeb connection.