Active beauty is key 2017 skincare trend, research suggests

The growing focus on wellness as an essential part of daily life presents a key business opportunity for beauty brands, according to a new report.

Research from market researcher Mintel states: “Wellness is increasingly talked about as an integral part of daily life from a physical and emotional standpoint.

“Beauty products can align themselves with this interest in fitness by offering products that prepare consumers for physical and mental activities.”

Mintel’s Active Beauty report, one of four reports with 2017 global beauty and personal care market predictions that the market researcher is releasing, highlights the extent to which consumers are now focused on healthy living and a well body and mind.

Examples of brands adapting their offering to the effect an active lifestyle is having on consumer’s beauty needs include Sweat Cosmetics. Billed as “makeup that moves with you,” the mineral makeup brand is designed for women with an active lifestyle.

Among other examples is skincare brand Supergoop! The brand’s range comprises gym bag-sized products specifically created for women who work out, including the Barre to Bar Beauty Set.

Mintel advises brands looking to capitalise on the active beauty trends to: “Consider their product benefits statement and ensure messaging clearly conveys why and how athbeauty products stand out from the normal portfolio.”

The report predicted this trend would continue to gather pace. “Looking ahead, we will see more brands driving the active beauty trend by launching a number of new and innovative products, “ it stated.

The market researcher’s predictions for the direction in which the field would develop include temperature-sensitive products, and tailormade products based on DNA findings.

“Expect to see brands playing with temperature and encapsulation to create products that melt into the skin as it heats up, forming a hydrating, nourishing barrier as it cools.

“We will also see beauty brands partner with DNA analysis providers to help consumers determine which fitness regimes work best for them. They can then use this information to devise personalised beauty programmes with products that touch every part of the grooming routine.”