Algorithmic beauty named key trend for 2019

Algorithmic beauty will take over from the 2018 trend of natural, glowing skin predicts trend forecaster The Future Laboratory.

While 2018 saw the rise of Korean beauty trends such as “glass skin”, algorithmic beauty will be inspired by beauty technologies, such as artificial intelligence and algorithms, which will be able to assess our faces and create a personalised skincare and make-up product plan.

Researchers Jessica Smith and Rhiannon McGregor, from the forecasting firm, suggested that this is a shift from the recent focus on clean beauty and all-natural ingredients. 

As beauty technologies also become more popular, the researchers suggest that social media, artificial intelligence and algorithms will shape a new ideal of flawlessness, meaning that beauty is no longer simply in the eye of the beholder, but in the eye of a machine learning algorithm instead—with beauty standards shifting from subjective to objective ideals.

Smith and McGregor will be sharing their latest findings on the biggest trends on the horizon for the $1 trillion (£764 billion) global beauty market, at the Global Wellness Summit taking place on October 6-8 in Italy.

They will analyse the diverse opportunities within the trend, including the potential of facial recognition technology; artificial-intelligence-driven devices that can assess our faces and provide continuous feedback on the efficacy of products; and new non-invasive procedures rooted in nanotechnology.

“The Future Laboratory, with its international team of analysts, is one of the most provocative and prescient trend forecasters, helping the world’s top brands – whether in beauty, wellness or travel – really visualize the macro and micro trends that are likely to shake up their businesses,” said Susie Ellis, chairman and chief executive of the Global Wellness Summit.

“We’re excited that Jessica and Rhiannon will share their new insights on the high-tech future of beauty with our delegates and build on the fast-evolving conversation about beauty and wellness that is always a cornerstone of the Summit.”