Ancient spa concepts and inside-out skin health tipped as key global influences in 2017

Published 24th Jan 2017 by PB Admin
Ancient spa concepts and inside-out skin health tipped as key global influences in 2017

Ancient spa concepts and inside-out skin health will be key trends in 2017, says Cidesco.

The organisation asked its members from around the world what they’re tipping to lead the beauty and spa industries in their country, to gain a bigger picture of the local influences we’re likely to see on a global scale.

Italy is becoming a more interesting player in the spa sector according to Cidesco Italy president Andrea Bovero, who said: “In ancient Rome, spas were deemed as places to stimulate the senses of wellbeing and pleasure. As the industry continues to progress and develop, we’re finding that therapists [need] to create more of a bespoke experience, tapping into the mind-set of the customer. It’s key to remember that the client is essentially a ‘spectator’ within the theatre of wellness.”

This idea is expected to develop into a concentration on the positive and negative energy absorbed by the senses, highlighting the importance of the spa environment and ways of using sensory stimulation strategically to ensure clients are content.

In India the focus is already on skin health, a momentum started by the more than 50% of the population who are younger than 25. Asian cultural traditions are still observed by this younger, influential generation, where the perceived harmful effects of synthetic ingredients are taken seriously. Products labelled ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘herbal’ are in demand, as are ingredients such as coconut, honey, turmeric and almond oil, again based on traditional use.

Elsewhere microblading and facial masks are predicted to remain strong into 2017.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Jan 2017

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