Andrew Hansford talks us through advances in microneedling for skin rejuvenation

Published 26th Feb 2020 by PB Admin
Andrew Hansford talks us through advances in microneedling for skin rejuvenation

We caught up with beauty and aesthetic trainer Andrew Hansford to find out more about one or the most result oriented treatments available on the market.

PB: Is microneedling the key treatment for skin rejuvenation?

AH: Absolutely. The forerunner of microneedling is subcision which is a medical treatment used to treat scarring. This highly successful treatment creates an internal wound without compromising the epidermis. Fast forward to the rollers and pens, these will over time create a similar outcome. Treatments that have a history in medicine come with proven evidential studies. In any form of rejuvenation – this is a must.
It’s a guilt by association thing. If we suffer a wound of any kind, collagen will form. This has to happen. It just depends on the depth and wound you are causing. This in essence is the pre curser to needling. Understand the anatomy and histology of the skin is a must and a thorough understanding of what you targeting and the ability to treat accordingly.

PB: What other indications is micro needling used for?

AH: Creating a wound healing response kicks starts new collagen to form, which will help to remove fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin laxity. Others protocols related to needling are open pores, pigmentation, acne and various forms of scarring. But like most successful treatments, not all pens, rollers and protocols are created equal. Your device should carry the appropriate CE marking for the treatments offered. Needling is a bespoke treatment, meaning that every client should be after consultation treated individually as we are all different. For rejuvenation and scaring, including stretch marks, this is the go too treatment – if done correctly!

PB: Which other techniques can this treatment be combined with, to achieve optimum results?

AH: My personal favourite is mesotherapy. With pens a glide is needed but with rollers it isn’t. Most glides have a high molecular weight, meaning that is all they are a glide. Mesotherapy cocktails are full of amazing ingredients to help in aiding the wound healing cascade as well as implanting powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals into the skins matrix. I choose NCTF135HA from Fillmed as it is CE registered for injection (needling is still puncturing the skin). Again huge evidential study follows the brand. Allowing us to treat more indications affectively, like acne or pigmentation (which have many indications themselves). We can also help kick start the fibroblast activity more efficaciously.

PB: In your talk at PB London, what will you be sharing with the audience?

AH: I will be sharing my thoughts on targeting the growth factors that have the final say on all forms of rejuvenation. A particular one a refer to as the skins conductor. My choice of pen which is the EXEED by Unique Skin as it has a double FDA. Also the patient pathway relating to other treatment protocols that can aid in the result.

PB: What can Professional Beauty visitors gain form coming to your talk?

AH: Are all protocols relating to depth in needling the same for everyone? Do you need to cause huge trauma? Is blood good when treating rejuvenation? Which combined treatments are actually effective? The answers may surprise you!

                                          Don't miss out on Andrew Hansford's talk on 'Advances in microneedling for skin rejuvenation', on Sunday 11th October at 3pm on the Advanced Treatments Live Stage at Professional Beauty London. Register for your free ticket here and you will be notified when seminars go live.
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PB Admin

Published 26th Feb 2020


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