Anna Tsankova wins two medals for UK at World Massage Championship

Published 15th Aug 2023 by PB Admin

The World Massage Championships brings the best massage therapists from around the world to compete across multiple categories from Thai massage to Sports therapy. The championship is run by the International Massage Association and this year took place in Copenhagen. 

Each category scored on numerous things - technique, body mechanics, table setup and more… This year representing the UK was Anna Tsankova CEO and founder of Face Glow who took home the gold medal for facial massage and the silver medal for overall performance - a tough feat in the facial categories and one that catapulted the UK into the limelight.  

“It feels amazing to win but it takes some time to sink in and realise the scale of the achievement.” it feels like the past 20 years of passion and experience has finally been recognised,” Tsankova tells Professional Beauty.

“Competitions are an incredible way to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone as well as hone and develop your technique,” Tsankova adds. “You also meet so many peers so it is a great way to build your network and get noticed.” 

Standing out 

With so many amazing therapists from all over the world competing in the World Massage Championship, Tsankova highlighted the importance of catching the judges' attention and standing out… Especially in the facial category where movement is often more contained and with less flare!

“I wanted to have a grand opening,” she says. “The judges may not know anything about you so you have got to get noticed.”

One of the ways Tsankova did this was by adding lots of personal, thoughtful and inventive touches to her table set-up. One of which was an arrangement of marguerite daisies - Denmark’s national flower - and a showstopping cocktail of aromatherapy bought to life by dry ice. 

“You can implement all kinds of ideas and creativity from real life implemented for real reasons as well as the visual effect.”

Have you ever entered or considered entering a Massage competition? Enter the National Massage Championship at Olympia Beauty on the 15th &16th of October…  


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Aug 2023

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