Anni Hood launches workplace wellness initiative, Well Intelligence

Well Intelligence Limited held it’s official launch in collaboration with the Mayor of London’s Healthy Workplace Charter. The Well Intelligence initiative has been founded to provide practical tools for the translation of wellness into usable market strategy for businesses. 

Those that sign up will receive concise analysis, insights and market predictions in a five-minute read each week, to help business owners keep their finger on the pulse of the ever changing wellness industry.

There is also a workshop series that will provide a forum for knowledge development, discussion and practical application of insight, with bespoke workshops for organisations who want brand specific material, as well as pre-designed workshop titles including Wellness 101 and Workplace wellbeing.

The launch evening at London City Hall included talks from keynote speakers Gail Emms and Well Intelligence chairman Steve Dunne, who spoke on financial wellbeing, the narrowing gap between public and private sector properties, culture, leadership and the gap in the wellbeing business strategy market.

In other news, a UK health provider says wellbeing should be timetabled in schools

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