Antonia Burrell launches accredited Skin Tone Qualified initiative

Skin Tone Qualified is a new training initiative launching at Professional Beauty London this weekend, created by celebrity facialist and skin expert Antonia Burrell.

The course aims to give beauty professionals, including both therapists and retail staff, greater understanding of different skin tones and the products and treatments they need.

Following three years of research and development, the qualification has been designed to improve inclusivity experiences for skin colour and all tones of the global population.

It will be globally accredited by the CPD certification service, dermatologist approved by Dr Sharon Belmo and backed by Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK.

Commenting on the launch, Burrell said, “It will bring a superior current knowledge and best practice, therefore deeper confidence, to all customer-facing staff within our industry.

She added, “My aim is to make this an industry standard as it should be the norm all over the world.

"I want all people, all global skin tones to be served in the same way and all therapists, aestheticians, retail staff, spa therapists – anyone who is working in our industry that is customer facing, front of house, marketing, education departments – to have an understanding of what different skin tones represent and the opportunity for increase in turnover and profit."

Skin Tone Qualified education promises to provide members with key skills and knowledge to carry out in-depth analysis of all global skin tones (Black, North American, South American, Caucasian Greenland, Australia & Oceania, European, Eastern Asian, South East Asian, Central Asian, South Asian, Western Asian, Middle Eastern and Mixed Heritage) and the knowledge to advise customers on common concerns faced by their individual skin tone and how its physiology will inform how their skin ages. 

The aim is that graduates will confidently be able to recommend the most suitable products, ingredients and treatments to address those concerns, encompassing all skincare brands while understanding the differences between skin tones. 

Training will be available within college partner sites, and onsite training can also be arranged.

Upon qualification, graduates will be awarded with a globally accredited certificate and a Skin Tone Qualified metal emblem badge to wear that is visible, so that a customer can recognise when they see this emblem that the person is qualified to give them advice about their skin tone.

Burrell added, "We will be upgrading knowledge as more research becomes available and look to hold conferences with dermatologists, cosmetic chemists and skin experts from all over the world. Graduates will have a lifetime access to any updates in the training and new research."

Training courses will begin from May, with bespoke packages also available.

To find out more about Skin Tone Qualified, visit the group's table within the training and recruitment zone at Professional Beauty London. Register for your free PB London ticket here.