Applying fake tan is the beauty task most British women struggle with

Applying fake tan is the number one beauty task British women struggle with, according to new research by 

71% of those surveyed said they struggle to apply fake tan on their back, with 43% admitting they’ve left the house not entirely happy with their appearance and a further 6% cancelling plans as they had no one around to help them get ready.

Other beauty rituals women struggle to do for themselves include painting nails on one of their hands (51%) and applying false eyelashes (30%), the report found.

With two thirds of women struggling with one or more aspects of their beauty regime when getting ready for a night out, this is a great opportunity for salons to market their services and create packages that appeal to time-poor clients.

This is especially true as more than half (64%) enlist the help of others when getting ready, namely their friends (51%), partner (26%) or mum (13%).

“The saying that ‘practice makes perfect’ couldn’t be truer than in this situation. Many women now find little time to practice their make-up or applying false eyelashes in advance of having to do it on an occasion where they need to look good,” said Nicholas Whitmore, managing director of False Eyelashes.

The research was carried out on 2,381 women aged 18 and over who stated that they were fashion and beauty conscious.