Are you ready to debut your skin at its very best?

Take note of these three steps and products by NATURA BISSÉ to reveal your most beautiful skin

Summer takes its toll on your skin, leaving it dull and dehydrated, with spots and blemishes. This is the time for deep healing. Erase the damage caused by the sun and heat and recover perfect, radiant, luminous skin. Here are three tips to regain your skin’s beauty.

First, exfoliate. Your skin needs to eliminate the toxins and dead cells that dull its appearance. GLYCO EXTREME PEEL, a gentle and effective enzymatic triple-exfoliation system, transforms your skin instantly, leaving it soft, rejuvenated, and glowing.

If you’re worried about dark spots, DIAMOND WHITE COLLECTION is the ultimate answer to hyperpigmentation, leaving you with flawless skin. You can also try the OXYGEN LINE, which provides dull skin with an infusion of freshness that purifies, hydrates and diminishes the appearance of spots.

And last, but not least, having incredibly luminous skin with the most perfect finish is possible thanks to the DIAMOND WHITE GLOWING MASK. This intensely hydrating depigmenting mask helps rebalance melanin distribution, visibly lightening spots and noticeably evening skin tone. With ingredients such as pomegranate extract, betaine and bisabolol, its wonderful creamy texture will reveal refreshed, flawless skin. 

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