Babtac and HBC join forces to push for regulation in the hair and beauty industry

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (Babtac) and The Hair and Barber Council (HBC) have joined forces in a push to establish mandatory regulation for the beauty and hair industries.

The alliance will see the two associations combine their influence to help drive up professional standards, with plans in the pipeline for industry campaigns and initiatives to drive consumer awareness, as well as parliamentary representation, which will lobby for change. 

The beauty industry is largely unregulated in the UK, giving rise to an increasing number of issues including human trafficking, consumer safety concerns and scrutiny of standards, the organisations say, while the hair industry does have a self-regulatory framework but it is voluntary, not mandatory. 

“We have been campaigning for many years for mandatory self-regulation of the industry, as has the HBC, and by forming this alliance we can add more weight to the cause,” said Lesley Blair, chair at Babtac.

“It is in every beauty, hair and barbering professional’s best interest to sign up to self-regulation, as it demonstrates that they are qualified and meeting or exceeding industry standards, while reducing the number of industry ‘rogue traders’ who are attracted by the low barriers to entry in the market. Ultimately it will increase client safety and consumer care.”

Keith Conniford, CEO and registrar of The Hair & Barber Council, added: “We are working for and alongside industry professionals to provide them with an affordable form of regulation that improves the reputation of the industry, making it a more desirable and reputable career choice. Working with Babtac will allow us to continue our work with MPs and increase awareness among the industry, consumers and the Government.”

If you are a beauty or hair professional and wish to register, visit the Babtac or HBC websites.