Bad Ragaz adds £2.3m Sauna Village

Swiss wellness and medical resort hotel Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has invested 3 million Swiss francs (approx. £2.3m) on a new Sauna Village.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the resort’s thermal bathing area, Tamina Therme, and following a sixth-month construction period, Bad Ragaz revealed a 1,000sq m expansion to the existing site, along with three sauna houses and a pond.

Part of the new Ragaz Sauna Village is the largest infusion sauna in Switzerland, where guests can take part in a mineral infusion ritual involving salt containing magnesium, calcium and lithium.

The ritual will be conducted four times a day, allowing guests to experience the energy conducted when the salt comes into contact with water, giving off heat in guests’ hands.

Two of the new sauna buildings are made entirely from Scandinavian kelo wood, after the dead polar pine was dried out naturally.

The wood was chosen for its robust and insulating qualities, in addition to its intense aroma that fills the interior of the sauna.

“Now we can better showcase our competency in health and wellbeing,” said Daniel Grünenfelder, managing director of Tamina Therme.

“We are continuously working to expand the variety on offer in our baths and saunas… we have this unique water which represents the life elixir of our thermal baths and we want to bring our guests nearer to the energy of this element every day.”

Tamina Therme was created to build on the restorative powers of the resort’s thermal waters from the Alps, discovered in 1242.