Bath is the most expensive thermal spa region in Europe

Bath in the UK has been ranked the most expensive thermal spa region in Europe, beating luxury locations such as Tuscany, Palma and Lisbon to the top spot. 

Research by HotSpring World, which looked at thermal spas in Europe, discovered that Bath is the region with the most expensive spa offering, with a massage, meal and one-night stay package costing £186.08; compared to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic at £76.32 – the most affordable spa region. 

Bath also came out top for the most expensive for treatments, with a massage costing on average £101.33, while in the Czech Republic it is priced, on average, at £36.11. 

The most expensive thermal spa regions in Europe are:

  1. Bath, UK – £186.08

  2. Tuscany, Italy – £155.73

  3. Wiesbaden, Germany – £142.38

  4. Puglia, Italy – £141.19

  5. Prague, Czech Republic – £140.16

  6. Palma, Mallorca – £134.06

  7. Andorra la Vella, Andorra – £130.08

  8. Tenerife, Spain – £118.90

  9. Lisbon, Portugal – £115.55

  10. Granada, Spain – £105.90

  11. Budapest, Hungary – £95.61

  12. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – £76.32 

In 2017 alone, 830 million wellness trips were made, with Europe remaining the destination of choice due to an affordable range of flights and accommodation options. 

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