Beautiful Ink develops MediTatu digital tattoo machine

Beautiful Ink’s managing director Lisa Henning has developed MediTatu, a dry tattoo microneedling technique that can reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, burns, and deep lines and wrinkles. The treatment uses a precise form of skin-needling to bring fresh blood into damaged areas, helping new and healthy skin to grow.

The digital tattoo machine – which is used without any pigment so the needle is running “dry” – gently breaks up tight, restrictive and fibrous scar tissue while also smoothing and flattening raised and bumpy scars. As a result, sunken scars and stretch marks begin to fill in and firm.

Henning is offering three levels of training, over one, two and three-day courses. They are open to those with or without skin-needling experience, but pre-training requirements apply.

Call the company on 01273 775188