Beauty employees feel their job makes them look younger than they are

Beauty employees feel their job makes them look younger than they are, according to new research by Remsescar, which offers treatments to those suffering from dark circles, spider veins and scars.

Beauty and hair professionals enjoy their jobs so much that they feel it makes them look on average six years younger, while those employed in health and fitness feel on average four years younger.

However, 75% of Brits said their job places a huge amount of stress on them to the point of ageing them, with only 32% saying they would consider moving to a less stressful job to rectify this.

Many cited that a love of the job (47%), good relationships with colleagues (33%) and a decent salary (20%) were the reasons they stayed.

Of those who felt they looked older than their real age thanks to their job, 68% stated that they regularly have to work longer hours than they are contracted to and 71% admitted that they spend time worrying about work outside of work hours.

The five industries where workers feel their job has added years onto their appearance, and by how much, are:

  1. Healthcare – 11 years older
  2. Education – nine years older
  3. Construction – nine years older
  4. Food and beverage – eight years older
  5. Agriculture – seven years older.  

“There are a whole variety of factors that can impact our looks; our genes, our lifestyle – such as whether we drink or smoke – but stress can definitely have an impact too,” said Carien Veldhuis, marketing manager at Remescar.

“Stress from within our families, stress with regards to our finances and stress within our day jobs are all things which can take their toll.”

2,401 Brits, aged 18 and over who have been in full time employment for at least the past 12 months, were quizzed about their work life and the toll it takes on their appearance.