Beauty employees have the best work-life balance of any industry

Beauty employees have the best work-life balance, according to new research by holiday deals website Sunshine.

Those working in the beauty and hair industry take full advantage of their allocated holiday allowance and more, taking on average 35 days a year – seven days more than their allocated annual leave, the report found.

The top five sectors in which employees are likely to take full advantage of their annual leave, and the average amount of days they take, are:

  1. Hair and beauty – 35 days
  2. Travel/tourism – 32 days
  3. Recruitment – 30 days
  4. Hospitality – 29.5 days
  5. Sales – 28.5 days

Many employees in these sectors had taken more than their allocated 28 days of annual leave. When asked how they had come to have more time off, 57% said they had accrued for more time off in lieu while 23% said they had requested and been granted extra holiday – either paid or unpaid. 

86% of those who didn't take their full holiday time during the last working year said they felt “too busy” to be able to do so, while 4% said they “didn’t want to/didn’t feel it was needed”.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of Sunshine, said: “I can’t see why anyone with allocated, paid holiday allowance would not take it all over the course of the year… Not taking time away from work can lead to tiredness and, in turn, errors.”

Sunshine surveyed 3,172 Britons aged 18 and over for the survey, all of whom were in full-time employment and entitled to 28 days paid annual leave as standard.