Beauty professionals rarely have time to clean their home, says survey

How often do you spring clean your house? Apparently, those who work in the hair and beauty industry are so busy that they rarely have time to clean their home, according to a new survey by home interiors specialist Hillarys. 

2,391 Brits, who were grouped according to their professions, were quizzed on the state of their homes, rating the cleanliness of each room out of 10. Hair and beauty professionals scored the cleanliness of their home, on average, 13 out of 40, putting them fourth on the home furnishing’s list of the UK’s most untidy professions. 

A lack of time and energy meant teachers topped the list, with most too tired to clean when they come in – their average house cleanliness score came in as nine out of 40. Those working in healthcare came in second, with a cleanliness score of 10 out of 40, and hospitality workers third with 12 out of 40. 

The most common reasons noted for not cleaning up were, “I’m too tired to clean when I get home from work” (42%) and “As quickly as I tidy, it’s a mess again” (35%), said respondents. 

For many, the kitchen is the most untidy room in their house, followed by the bathroom, the survey found. 

The professions whose houses came in as the least tidy are:

  1. Teaching – 9/40

  2. Healthcare – 10/40

  3. Hospitality – 12/40

  4. Hair and beauty – 13/40

  5. Law enforcement – 13/40
  6. Marketing – 17/40

  7. Retail – 19/40

  8. Construction – 22/40

  9. Arts – 23/40

  10. Mechanical – 23/40

The top seven professions rated each room in their house, on average, at less than 5 out of 10. 

“It can be really hard to keep on top of household chores while balancing a full time job and family commitments. Often the last thing we want to do after a long day at the office is tackle the vacuuming,” said Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys. 

Earlier this year, another study revealed that beauty therapists get more sleep than any other profession

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