Belfast, Newcastle and Manchester most body confident cities in the UK

Published 30th Oct 2020 by PB Admin
Belfast, Newcastle and Manchester most body confident cities in the UK

Belfast is the UK city where people feel most confident about their body, with 94% stating that they are happy with the way they look, found a report by health and wellness brand New Nordic.

Newcastle came in second, with 84% of residents feeling body confident, and Manchester third, with 83% in the region stating they are happy with what they have, the report found. 

Top 10 UK cities where people feel most body confident:

  1. Belfast (94%)

  2. Newcastle (84%)

  3. Manchester (83%)

  4. London (79%)

  5. Nottingham (77%)

  6. Edinburgh (75%)

  7. Cardiff (74%)

  8. Southampton (71%)

  9. Bristol (71%)

  10. Leeds (70%).

This news is great to hear, especially after a new report revealed that 50% of Brits can’t stand how they look on video calls

The research also revealed which age UK adults feel happiest, with the over 55 category the least likely to feel self-conscious about their bodies. 

Millennials are the most self-conscious, with 88% stating they have felt more concerned about their body this year than ever before. However, this age group is also most likely to have a favourite body part (87%), with most listing their eyes (29%), hair (22%) or skin (21%). 

When asked what they like most about their bodies, Belfast residents said they love their eyes (53%), followed by their hair (24%), skin (24%) and bottom (23%), the report found.

Geordies also listed their eyes top (28%), as well as their hair (19%) and bust (16%), while Mancunians cited their eyes (40%), hair (22%), lips (18%) and skin (17%) as the parts of themselves they feel most confident about. 

The part of their body UK adults love the most:

  1. Eyes (32%)

  2. Hair (20%)

  3. Legs (16%)

  4. Skin (16%)

  5. Bottom (16%)

  6. Lips (15%)

  7. Shoulders (12%)

  8. Bust (10%)

  9. Arms (9%)

  10. Feet (9%).

“Although this year has put added pressure on us in more ways than one, we’re pleased to see that our results show that many across the country feel happy in their body,” said New Nordic’s Amy Loader.

“Body positivity is a widely discussed topic with tricks of the trade being shared continuously on editing and posing techniques to distort the image of your body. We want to encourage even more to feel happy, and to remind them that your body loves you no matter what.”

What do you make of the survey? Comment below. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 30th Oct 2020

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