The key benefits of multifunctional skincare platforms

Published 13th Jul 2021 by PB Admin
The key benefits of multifunctional skincare platforms

Clients, primarily women, are on a journey of exploration. They enjoy new products and "natural" procedures to rejuvenate and enhance the skin. The challenge for beauty professionals today is to offer competitive services without breaking the bank that will satisfy all needs.

Let's face it, like our personalities, everyone's skin is different, from the type of skin to the level of sensitivity or product absorption.

So, why would we offer one treatment or technology for all when you can provide the bespoke facial that includes two or three at once?

There are platforms available that let you combine various modalities for the best results, combined with your knowledge and adaptable treatment skills to surpass expectations.

The benefits of multifunctional skincare platforms

Multifunctional skincare systems provide an innovative solution of multiple treatments within a single, sleek device. These multifunctional platform devices give aesthetic professionals greater flexibility to offer clients a full range of high-quality, tailored facial treatments.

The advanced beauty treatments are effortlessly undertaken, leading to transformative, excellent results even after a short period – and, most importantly, these are non-invasive treatments with no downtime for the client.

In addition to the multifunctionality essential for customised treatments, the one device/system is a sleek space-saver, compared to the bulkiness of several individual units, which would require separate controls and maintenance – far, too much work.

As a result, it's a good choice when salon space is scarce and saves you precious time and money as an elegant mobile unit to move around your salon with ease when needed, saving space, time, and money.

For example, The ergonomic design of Zemits equipment certainly showcases how form follows function at your fingertips. Zemits designed these elegant and smart devices for the intuitive use of multiple tools and settings.

You have quick access to the control settings via the interface, as well as all hand-held apparatus. With everything included in a single unit, the device seamlessly supports the work of the skincare professional and delivers excellent results for clients.

How soon can a client see transformative results?

Visible changes are evident after just one treatment. With treatment sessions of four to five, your clients will notice a more prominent transformation. However, it takes about 10 to 15 sessions for clients to see longer lasting effects.

That is why Zemits recommends booking clients for treatments at least once a month to maintain results and keep the face glowing, plump and rejuvenated. 

These multifunctional platforms include a wide range of technologies in unique eight-in-one systems that offer versatility to professionals and allow for up to 25 different customised treatment protocols for any skin condition.

So, you can pick and choose your ideal assistant to deliver your clients' goals for skin rejuvenation and take the business to the next level.

Zemits technologies

Radiofrequency to improve skin tightening and firming and help new collagen production

Needle-free mesotherapy – non-invasive, deep dermal infusion

Vacuum therapy for lymphatic drainage, skin detox, and lift

Ultrasound skin spatula for deep skin cleansing and exfoliation

Cold therapy – gives a calming effect on the skin, rejuvenates and stimulates skin microcirculation and renewal

Microdermabrasion – deep skin exfoliation and resurfacing encourage cell renewal

Oxygen infusion – epidermal skin infusion with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts

Eye-firming treatment – gentle ultrasound mesotherapy for sensitive skin areas, deep skim nourishment, adds skin elasticity and lift.

This is a promotional feature in partnership with Zemits.

For more news and features focus on skin devices, check out our dedicated advanced treatments channel here.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Jul 2021

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