Why it's vital to bespoke skin treatments for salon clients

As therapists, we are trained from day one to follow a procedure, a method designed and created by someone else. We’re given step-by-step guides and, OK, this is great for  industry novices but it leaves little room for the more experienced of us to get creative and put our own stamp on the treatments we deliver day in, day out. 

Clients love a customised treatment and the chance to experience something different to their friend receiving a treatment in the next room, which is why we should go above and beyond the standard routine and tailor treatments to our client’s individual needs.

Now, we are not suggesting going rogue and mixing up the standard protocol. However, there are so many ways that you can tweak and alter the regime to create a truly bespoke experience for your beloved clients, who, at the end of the day, pay to come and see you.

A successful therapist will stand out among the masses and deliver a memorable experience that takes each client on a different journey. 

So, where to start creating your signature sense of self? Firstly, pay attention. Listen closely to your clients’ needs and engage in a meaningful conversation about priority concerns. Maybe they want a deep steam with plenty of extractions, maybe they just want to zone out and have a more blissful treatment…the possibilities are endless and, the more you listen to the person in front of you, the more you will understand how to create a totally unique experience for them. 

Bottom line – we are all human, yet we are totally individual beings with absolutely different needs and, guess what, our needs change every single day.

As therapists, it is our job to pay attention and deliver. Therapy should never become a mundane routine; keep the passion alive and let your creativity flow.

When you become an SBC Pro, you will discover how to embrace this creativity and guarantee every client receives a bespoke treatment each time they visit you. 

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