Choosing the best anti-ageing treatments for all Fitzpatrick skin types

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) occurs when the skin overproduces melanin, or disperses pigment irregularly, in response to inflammation or injury. 

Although, laser, HIFU and plasma are used for anti-ageing treatments, they often present a high risk of PIH if used on darker Fitzpatricks. For example, studies have shown that PIH occurs in nearly 40% of patients with darker skin tones when they are treated with a non-fractional CO2 laser.

The SMARTWAVE 3D Radiofrequency device by Neo Elegance uses the power of radiofrequency and LED therapy. 

It features the new auto-motion probes, which are designed with the aesthetic professional in mind, to reduce strain on professionals’ wrists - helping to prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  

This one device offers nine different treatments for the face and body, including the new, on-trend Tech Neck 360 treatment and 3D Smart Body. 

Why the SMARTWAVE doesn’t have high risk of PIH

The SMARTWAVE uses non-invasive radiofrequency energy to generate heat through resistance in the dermal and subcutaneous layers. This causes the collagen fibres to contract, creating an instant skin tightening appearance. 

The auto-motion probes ensure evenly distributed energy on the skin, reducing the risk of generating higher heat in certain areas, meaning risk of PIH is further reduced. 

The SMARTWAVE treatment is more progressive than aggressive on the skin, proving it to be the safest and most results-driven choice for a wider range of skin types and ages 

The SMARTWAVE 3D Radiofrequency is now available from Neo Elegance on a buy now, pay three months later finance offer* and from as low as £33 a week (over four years’ finance).

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