BIAM launches Level 5 qualifications in microneedling and chemical peels

Aesthetic therapists – do you want to take your career to the next level? Do you want to level up your microneedling and chemical peel treatments? Then book yourself onto the British Institute of Aesthetic Medicine’s (BIAM) Level 5 professional qualifications. 

The Level 5 courses available are: professional qualification in microneedling and professional qualification in chemical peels. The training for each will start with online learning and then progress to face-to-face and hands-on practice sessions soon after.

The courses cover the skills and knowledge needed in order to complete the qualification and start treating clients as soon as possible. You will also have access to demonstrations and first hand experience from visiting lecturer Professor Ali Ghanem. 

The courses start from £1,500 and will launch on March 20, 2021. 

What are the course assessments?

Both courses will entail two types of assessments – summative and formative. Some will be multiple choice type questions that verify the comprehension of the programme and some will be a bit freer form to demonstrate the knowledge learned. There’s multiple choice questions, observational and formative aspects. 

How do I sign up for the courses?

If you’re wondering if you qualify to undertake a Level 5 course with BIAM then get in touch. Email for more information or call 0121345 9847 to begin your journey.

BIAM is a newly established joint venture between the College of Medicine and Dentistry and its sister brand Aesthetic Medicine. BIAM aims to reach out to all aspiring individuals to improve their knowledge and skills within the field of aesthetic medicine.  

What do you make of the new Level 5 courses? Comment below.