Billion Dollar Brows – 5 Steps to beautiful Brows

Published 02nd Feb 2017 by PB Admin
Billion Dollar Brows – 5 Steps to beautiful Brows

Step 1 - Brow Buddy Tool

Use Billion Dollar Brows' patented Brow Buddy tool to effortlessly design your brows. Establish the start, arch and end of your ideal brow shape based on your unique facial symmetry.

Step 2 - Brow Boost Primer & Conditioner

Don’t forget to prep! Condition your brows with BDB’s Brow Boost Primer & Conditioner for beautiful, healthy looking brow hairs.  As a primer, Brow Boost creates a barrier against sebum to enhance the longevity of your brow makeup.  Brow Boost allows better cosmetic adherence for more lasting, natural results – perfect for those who have scars running across their brows.


Step 3 - Universal Brow Pencil

One perfect shade, BDB’s Universal Brow Pencil works well with almost all hair colours and skin tones. This creamy formula goes on smooth and natural for a perfect pop of colour.

Step 4 -  Brow Gel

Lock in the look. BDB’s Brow Gel gives brows a long-lasting, radiant glow and keeps them perfectly in place all day. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a polished, manicured appearance. Flake resistant, flexible hold and soft to the touch.

Step 5 -  Brow Duo Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows secret weapon! Use BDB’s Brow Duo Pencil for the perfect brow lift. Apply the Highlighter on your brow bone, bridge of nose and inner corner of the eye to add gorgeous definition and warmth. Use the Concealer end to cover any blemishes and contour.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 02nd Feb 2017


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