Biophilic training concept Biofit opens first studio

Fitness company Biofit, centred on an organic indoor workout concept, is set to open its first studio in Calgary, Canada.

The Biofit method is based on the healing properties of nature, drawing on biophilic design to incorporate the advantages of the outdoors into an indoor, city-based training environment.

Having previously created a pop-up training studio in London in 2016, the Calgary location, schedule to open later this month, is the first permanent location for Biofit. The company was founded by Matt Morley in 2015.

The Calgary studio features more than 300 air-purifying plants as part of Biofit’s “indoor green exercise” concept.

The studio also uses circadian rhythm lighting, aromatherapy, non-toxic paint and upcycled wood to create an environment that helps boost mood and reduce stress. All training equipment is derived from natural materials such as wood, cotton, leather and rope.

The company said in a statement: “Biofit Calgary unites indoor and outdoor worlds to create a training space that is in harmony with nature.

"The functional interiors use healthy design principles to improve mood, reduce stress levels and provide a greater sense of connection with nature.”

Equipment used ranges from a wooden pull-up bar, a rowing machine made from sustainable wood and a leather punching bag, to gymnast rings and stall bars in wood and boxing bags, medicine balls and head guards in vintage leather.

Biofit is focused on small group exercise or personal training. Movement is key to the concept, which aims to deliver a fun workout experience.

The Calgary studio will open with three types of classes. Movement & Mobility is a mid-intensity class involving agility, balance, coordination and joint mobility, among other elements.

The Strength class, also mid-intensity, focuses on using bodyweight and added resistance to build strength, while the fast-paced Stamina class is a cardio intensive option.