British Skin Foundation survey reveals most skin-safe age range

People aged between 31 and 40 are the most careful when it comes to looking after the health of their skin, according to a survey from the British Skin Foundation.

The survey asked 104 dermatological nurses questions about topics including skin cancer, sun safety and the psychological effects skin disease can have on patients. 92% said patients often confide in them about these mental effects, and every nurse said they think patients find it easier to speak to them over a doctor.

The survey highlighted some interesting points relating to age – while just over a quarter said they think those aged 31-40 respond best to advice on checking their skin and keeping it protected in the sun, four in five said elderly people were more likely to ignore skin problems than younger generations.

The nurses were almost unanimous in saying that they see more skin problems in children now than 10 years ago, with three in four agreeing.

Commenting on the findings, Sandra Lawton OBE, dermatology nurse consultant at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "This survey reflects the burden of skin disease that nurses see and highlights the important role we have in the care of patients presenting with a skin problem. As the survey shows, skin conditions affect patients of all ages so caring for them requires competent and experienced dermatology nurses. As we move forward we need to ensure that we invest in nursing to guarantee nurses have the appropriate skills to support our patients and their families."