Brits stop caring about their skincare routine at 24 years old

The amount of effort Brits put into their appearance decreases with age, with many giving up their skincare regime at the age of 24, according to new research from VoucherCodesPro.

Nine in 10 of people aged 30 plus confessed they put in less effort than they did when they were younger, with 37% citing that they “haven’t got the time/energy” as the main reason, while 34% stated they “don’t have anyone to impress with their appearance”.

When asked what aspects of their appearance they used to take a lot of pride in and when they stopped, the results found:

When asked what motivated them when they were younger to put in more effort in their appearance, many said it was because they were trying to find a partner (42%) or wanted to make a good impression at work (41%).

“Putting effort into your appearance should be something that you want to do; it should never be for other people or because someone pressured you into it,” said George Charles, spokesperson for VocherCodesPro.

“I think as people get older, they realise that life is too short to care what other people think of you, but younger people haven’t quite learnt this fact yet. It’ll be good to have a society less obsessed about looks and more obsessed about personality.”

VoucherCodesPro surveyed the everyday beauty habits of 2,188 Britons, which was a 50/50 split of men to women.