Celebrity culture drives rise of the UK’s male grooming market

Celebrity culture and the focus on men’s fitness is driving the UK male grooming market, according to data from market researchers the NPD Group. 

The UK male grooming market rose 2.6% between 2014 and 2015, from £438.2 million to £449.5m.

Teresa Fisher, senior account manager, UK Beauty for The NPD Group, said: “Male grooming continues to report growth across all sectors and we predict that this will continue to rise.

“Men are upgrading their grooming regimes by switching to prestige brands as they are prepared to spend more money on quality skincare brands.”

The increase was, NPD concluded, largely a result of the imagery of fit, toned and well-groomed men that now prevails in advertising and the media.

Fisher said: “The growth of the male grooming market can be directly linked to the boom in fitness, health and wellness. They begin by improving their physique and then continue to enhance their traditional grooming rituals.”

The fastest rising category within male grooming was skincare, up 6.9%, from £27.6m in 2014 to £29.5m in 2015. The segment represented 6.6% of the overall male grooming market in 2015. 

In comparison women’s skincare grew by a more limited 2.3% between 2014 and 2015. It is, however, a more established market than the men’s, with the rise taking it from £485.3m to £496.5m.

Fisher said: “Male grooming remains a relatively untapped market that is still in its infancy and therefore presents huge opportunities for brands that want to target a male audience.”

The top-selling male grooming categories in 2015 were facial moisturisers, treatment shave products, body cleansers, other face products and anti-ageing items.

Between 2014 and 2015, anti-ageing skincare products were up 14%, body cleansers 15.3% and treatment shaves 20%.


*Image: Joico