Cell therapy and sleep testing treatments to create opportunities for wellness centres

Cell therapy, sleep testing and detoxification treatments are among the global wellness trends identified as key opportunities for hotel and resort spas and wellness centres in a new report carried out by market research company Horwath HTL, sister company of spa operator Goco Hospitality.

Part of the report looked at future trends and opportunities across the wellness and aesthetic industries and ways in which luxury spas can cater to the wellness interests of “high net worth individuals”. Advanced anti-ageing treatments are predicted to hone in on cell therapy to kick start clients’ regenerative processes by injecting active cell extracts and fostering cell rejuvenation. This is particularly targeted at spas with a large clientele in the 40+ segment.

The wellness industry’s current focus on sleep, thanks to emerging research on the links between health, beauty and neuroscience, is predicted to inspire more high-end spas to house sleep testing centres to assess client’s physical health in terms of their sleep, with the help of doctors and sleep therapists. This could then be supported by a tailored, holistic programme to rectify sleep issues that incorporates the spa’s other facilities.

Intravenous therapies could see renewed interest in terms of detoxification, particularly appealing to those aged over 36, said the report. By offering drip cocktails with multiple health benefits, such as energy and immune boosting as well as detoxifying, wellness centres could add an attractive and “relatively straightforward” additional revenue stream, said the report.