Champneys partners with Germaine de Capuccini

Published 08th Jan 2016 by PB Admin
Champneys partners with Germaine de Capuccini

Spanish skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini has joined forces with UK spa resort group Champneys on a new treatment.

The Chocolate Wrapper treatment incorporates the use of aromatherapy oils, a chocolate body polish to smooth and firm the skin and the application of Chocolate Body Butter.

Clients also receive a scalp massage, using hair oil, and a foot massage as part of the treatment. In addition to offering the treatment, Champneys will also stock 15 of the retail products associated with it. 

The treatment marks the first collaboration between Champneys and Germaine de Capuccini. Julie MCann, national sales manager for Germaine de Capuccini in the UK, said:

“We are delighted that Germaine de Capuccini UK is working with Champneys on the Chocolate Wrapper treatment. The treatment combines some of Germaine de Capuccini’s iconic chocolate body products for a luxurious, cocooning body treatment.”

The treatment, launching this month, is available at all Champneys resorts. 


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Jan 2016

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