Charity spreads message through nail art

A UK conservation charity is urging people to show their support through nail art for World Rhino Day on September 22.

Save the Rhino is launching a national social media campaign with the hashtag #NailIt4Rhinos, to encourage people to get creative and share their designs on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness for rhinos and fundraise for the charity.

The charity has teamed up with consumer cosmetics brand Barry M for the campaign, who will be posting nail art tips and tricks across its social media channels throughout September.

Rhino horns are made of keratin, the same protein material found in human nails, hence the idea behind the campaign to help put an end to Rhino poaching, which has been responsible for the loss of 95% of the world’s rhinos. Susie Offord, deputy director for Save the Rhino, commented: “Here at Save the Rhino we work to save all five endangered rhino species, so this year we’re asking you to make a stand for rhinos by decorating your nails and showing the world you care by using the #NailIt4Rhinos hashtag.”