Chelsea and Camden among postcodes most likely to spend big on beauty treatments

New research by on-demand nail service Le Salon revealed that Londoners aged 45-54 spend the most on beauty treatments each month, with an average spend of £138.

The survey, which collected data from more than 6,000 people, found that those aged 25-34 spend the least on beauty treatments with an average spend of £76 per month, while the younger generation of 18-24 year olds spend slightly more.

Londoners from the North West and West of the city were found to prioritise beauty treatments the most, spending an average of £203 a month between them, while South East and Eastern Central postcodes prioritised beauty treatments the least, with spends of £86 and £50 per month respectively. 

Le Salon also analysed each postcode's favourite nail shapes. Salon-goers in South East London were found to most often opt for a simple square, while North-West Londoners prefer a more striking stiletto.

The data also revealed that there is no difference in the spending habits between singletons and those who are in relationships when it comes to staying pampered.