Clients are willing to pay more for the best

The first ever Skills Spending Index has revealed that Brits spend £70 each on beauty treatments in the average year.

The index shows the amount Brits spend collectively and individually on services from skilled professionals such as beauty therapists and hairdressers, car mechanics, plumbers and chefs when eating out. In total, this amount is more than £72 billion each year.

While chefs came out as the tradespeople we spend the most money on (an estimated £342 a year), beauty treatments came sixth on the list, with consumers estimating they spend £70.20 each in the average year on beauty services from skilled therapists.

It also found that Londoners have the highest total skills bill at £2285 per year, which is a massive £800 above the national average. Residents of Wales have the lowest total at £1087 each. Women came out with a higher annual skills spend than men, at £1497 versus £1445.

Perhaps most importantly, 72% of people asked said that they are willing to pay more for professionals of the highest calibre in the industry, the best of the best who have perhaps won awards relating to their profession and have glowing endorsements from other clients.

The study was commissioned by Find a Future, the organisation that manages the UK’s entry to the international World Skills competition, which is being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil this year.