Clinic Software launches beta version with online product sales and more

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Clinic Software has announced new features available through the beta version of its online booking platform.

Online product sales with XERO, Paypal and direct debit payments can now be managed through to give clinics access to the insights about their customers’ journey while easily tracking appointments and customers of their online campaigns.

The new edition of Clinic Software also provides paperless consent forms for face, lips and body rejuvenation procedures, and securely stores an online distributed proof of existence.

The key advantages are anonymity, privacy, and getting a decentralised proof which can't be erased or modified by third parties.

Taking online bookings and selling products online have become an important piece of a management, marketing and business strategies. The software connects in real time to the website, which can play an important role in giving proven sales, taking appointments and selling products.

It allows users to maximise reach to an existing customer’s database or to launch new campaigns online using newsletters, mobile marketing, Google, Facebook or Twitter advertising.

“We’ve always been about meaningful selling online and taking bookings 24/7 at and this can accelerate sales in incredible ways,” said Clinic Software chief executive Alexandru Stefan.