Coming up in the June issue...

Here is just a taster of what you can read about in the June issue of Professional Beauty magazine.

Period drama 
The crimson tide can play havoc with clients’ skin. Amanda Pauley explores how you can create a treatment and homecare regime that works with a client’s body during her cycle

Inside out
Supplements containing superfoods such as bee pollen, CBD oil and turmeric are hitting the headlines, but are they the health boosters they claim to be? Georgia Seago investigates. Plus, we look at pro superfood supplements

Five recruitment mistakes to avoid
With the ongoing therapist shortage making the hiring process tougher than ever, Valerie Delforge outlines the common mistakes salon owners make when recruiting and how to avoid them

Talking to…Sarah Dale
The nurse-turned-advancedpractitioner reveals how she became the go-to clinic for transgender clients and why she believes doctors and therapists need to work more closely together

Moving on up
Behind the scenes at 3D-lipo’s new headquarters in Rugby, which include an advanced training facility, and the inside scoop on the brand’s upcoming machine launches

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