Consumers warned against taking skincare advice from the internet

23% of women have suffered a bad reaction as a result of taking skincare advice from friends, family and online sources.

A survey conducted by Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic found that of 500 women asked, almost a quarter had a bad reaction after trying quick fixes or testing out skincare myths recommended by unqualified sources.

The clinic asked the women to share the worst skincare advice they’ve ever been given. The five pieces of “advice” mentioned most frequently by respondents were that anything “natural” is “good for you”, to set make-up with hairspray, to “soothe” the skin with steam, to use toothpaste to dry out spots, and to use rubbing alcohol as a toner.

The research suggests that the role of a qualified beauty professional is perhaps more crucial now than ever, with many consumers falling foul of the wealth of potentially dangerous advice and home remedies from online beauty “gurus” on the internet.