Cosmetics, Ingredients and Packaging International will be launching at Professional Beauty London 2020

Cosmetics, Ingredients and Packaging International (CIPI) will be launching at Professional Beauty London at ExCel London on October 11–12, 2020. The conference will be hosting speakers from across the cosmetics sector, from brand founders, contract manufacturers, distributors, cosmetics regulators, certification bodies and packaging suppliers. 

If you are considering or have launched a cosmetic brand come and join us to gain latest insights on sustainability, packaging, trends for NPD, staying current with cosmetic regulations and compliance, addressing the topics of clean, natural, organic versus synthetic. We open the conference with 'What to consider when launching a brand? What are the costs and where to spend your investment first?' Three industry experts will be addressing this hotly debated topic.

Sam Farmer of Sam Farmer unisex teenage personal care brand. Colin Sanders of Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy who is a highly regarded formulation scientist, inventor, beauty blogger, and beauty futurologist. Belinda Roberts of Snowbell Consultancy, specialising in the creation, development sales distribution and marketing of bespoke beauty brands for start-ups as well as the UK and international brands. Sam Farmer launched his eponymous Unisex Teenage personal care brand in 2013 with Space NK is now available at many multinational retailers nationwide. Sam Farmer has sat on the Council of The Society of Cosmetic Scientists for three years chaired the SCS's Scrub up on Science Committee and spoken at The Royal Society of Chemistry, Manchester University and numerous industry events. He actively promotes Cosmetic Science and the Cosmetics Industry through Schools' career days and STEM events. 

In 2018 Sam started The Cosmetic Information Network (CIN), a members-only organisation promoting collaboration between sections of the cosmetics industry with an emphasis on science, education and communication.

Sam is known for being vocal in the industry. His mission is to break down binaries in the cosmetic industry. Reason for launching a skincare brand came about when he took his teenage children to the supermarket to buy deodorant for the first time. He discovered the red devil 'minx' cans next to male mucho power. He was alarmed by the inappropriate marketing messages offered to this young and vulnerable consumer.  Stepping into the world of L'Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble and offering a different strategy of gender neutrality in cosmetics was a big leap of faith back in 2011/2012. 

Misinformation and the offer of a quick fix to solve hormonal breakouts can be damaging to self-esteem and misleading to young consumers.  Transparency and truthful marketing communication are at the core of Sam Farmer's skincare. Sam says, "Scientifically as an industry, we are doing well when it comes to dealing with cosmetic issues. But I think we are doing less well, even failing our customers when it comes to the messages and images we use to sell products."

Sam, will share his learnings of launching a skincare brand, educating himself in diploma for cosmetic science. Sam will share some of the choices he made with regards manufacturing at scale, managing the logistical operation of B2B customers and B2C e-commerce. How and where to spend resources, time and energy. Why sometimes you may need to walk away from an opportunity with a multinational retailer?

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Written by Kirsty Mawhinney of Skin Insight Ltd