Create future beautiful skin with Environ

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Create future beautiful skin with the latest breakthrough in skincare technology.

Visit stand J36 where Environ will be launching its eagerly anticipated Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Skincare Device. This revolutionary mobile device, has been created to help maximise the benefits of Environ salon treatments at home.

Following the rise in the advent of ‘at-home devices’, Environ is proud to introduce this new innovation, a revolutionary handheld device designed to make a lasting difference to the skin’s overall appearance.

“As part of my personal mission to future-proof skin around the globe, I wanted people to be able to harness the power of Environ’s DF Technology from the comfort of their homes and support their Environ Professional Facial Treatments.”- Dr Des Fernandes, Environ Founder and Scientific Director.

The dual electro-sonic technology of the DF Mobile helps to deliver more essential nutrients the skin needs, to where it needs it most, resulting in improved skin health and wellness, as well as a noticeably improved complexion, texture and radiance.

The dual electro-sonic technology of this device helps to:

(1) Stimulate the skin and create tiny cavitations through low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves)

(2) Deliver more essentials nutrients to where your skin needs them most by ionising active molecules and diffusing them into the skin through pulsed iontophoresis (electric current).

The combination of Environ® Professional Facial Treatments together with at-home treatments, using the DF Mobile Device and targeted Focus Care serums, will optimise the benefits of Environ® products on specific skin conditions.

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