How to create a signature anti-ageing facial

Q: Where do I start if I want to create a signature anti-ageing facial?

If you’re passionate about skincare, it can be tempting to offer every facial trend available on your menu. However, the real challenge is stripping the treatment back so you can create a genuinely signature approach.

The best thing to do when creating a signature anti-ageing facial is play to your strengths. If you’re passionate about the benefits of massage, focus on that and then gradually build on it. I would also flag that you should treat each client as an individual – so find a way to have a protocol that you can tailor to different skin needs.

Start the process by knowing which products you want to use and then opt for brands that you’re passionate about, before applying a personal approach to the specific skin requirements of each client. You should also ask a few clients you know well to try your new treatment so they can offer genuine, honest feedback.

I suffered with adult acne and that’s driven my passion for developing results-driven skincare treatments. When I first trained as a facialist 20 years ago, I focused on massage, which is still an important part of my signature facial today, but as I’ve progressed, I’ve taken much more of an interest in innovation and technology.

Now, I offer a combined approach, including peels and laser treatments, as and when required. Once you’ve settled on a signature approach, don’t be afraid to tweak or adapt it over time. As therapists, we’re constantly learning and developing in the quest for skincare perfection and a good signature facial will adapt accordingly.

Teresa Tarmey Teresa Tarmey is a celebrity facialist and owner of an eponymous clinic in London. She has more than 20 years’ skincare experience.