Crimestoppers launches campaign to help clients spot slavery in nail salons

In a bid to eradicate modern slavery from UK businesses, independent charity Crimestoppers has partnered with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to help members of the public recognise signs of slavery.

There has been a 126% increase in reports of information pertaining to modern slavery practices in the past six months compared to the previous six-month period, according to new figures from Crimestoppers.

Non-standard nail salons have been identified as a key environment for exploitation.

The Spot the Signs initiative sets out key indicators that someone may be a victim of slavery, if they: 

The campaign will focus on social media, and Crimestoppers is partnering with councils to promote the message in local areas.

The GLAA has recently been granted power to search and seize evidence and investigate modern slavery where it relates to labour abuse, as is the case when it relates to non-standard nail salons.

Paul Broadbent, chief executive of the GLAA, said: “The public need to understand and be aware that modern slavery is happening right now, in and around the communities they live.

“Exploiting someone for their labour, forcing them to work, using people as commodities – these practices are abhorrent and we need the public’s help to stamp it out. Crimestoppers’ support will be invaluable in giving people the confidence to report their concerns.”