Darren Day reveals 3D-lipo is his secret to staying in shape

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Actor Darren Day stripped down to his boxers on Loose Women yesterday and revealed his passion for non-surgical game changer 3D-lipo.

Day, 49, underwent a course of non-surgical 3D-lipo after feeling unconfident in his body.

Day, who overcame his nerves and bravely walked out in a pair of black swimwear shorts in front of a live audience, has been undergoing a course of non-surgical fat removal treatment 3D-lipo, to help regain his confidence and his figure.

Day has now undergone several non-surgical treatments of 3D-lipo at company’s flagship clinic in Leamington Spa.

3D-lipo is designed to reduce fat and hone in on those difficult areas. Cavitation, which Day has undergone, uses ultrasound technology, which causes the fat cells to vibrate, rub against each other and burst. This permanently destroys the fat cells and naturally disposes of them through the lymphatic system.

Day has achieved amazing results, and went on lose women to reveal his transformation live on TV to millions.

Other recent celebrity 3D-lipo transformations include singer Antony Costa, and reality stars Amy Childs and Gemma Collins, who all credit 3D-lipo for helping them to slim down.

These celebrity testimonials present fantastic brand exposure for 3D-lipo and the clinics offering the brand’s treatments nationwide, causing a dramatic increase in demand for treatments. The results speak for themselves.

Remember, when you buy from 3D-lipo, you not only buy a machine, but you invest in incredible results, and join a winning team, allowing you to reap the rewards of this amazing press exposure and get clients through your doors.