David Lloyd introduces ASMR into its spas

David Lloyd Clubs has introduced ASMR experiences into its Club Spas, in collaboration with ASMR YouTuber Sophie Michelle.

ASMR (auto sensory meridian response) is the feeling of soothed relaxation combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck in response to certain sounds picked up by microphones. 

ASMR has seen a recent rise in online popularity with help from "ASMRtists" like Sophie Michelle, who has gained over 2.9 million views on certain ASMR videos on YouTube.

David Lloyd’s ASMR spa experience is available now on YouTube and involves Sophie Michelle using common spa objects that are proven ASMR triggers. For example, she can be heard whispering while slicing lemons or folding spa towels, and dipping a hand in and out of the spa’s hydro pool.

David Lloyd also plans to run live ASMR sessions in its four Spa Retreat locations, which will involve Sophie Michelle performing ASMR triggers into microphones as headphone-wearing visitors watch on live.

David Lloyd's Spa Retreats offer newer and more luxurious facilities than its Club Spas and are available in its Berkshire, Farnham, Purley and Chigwell sites.

“Our Spa Retreats are luxurious and high-tech and we want to make sure our finger is always on the pulse when it comes to the latest wellbeing trends, which is why we’re really excited to launch an ASMR spa experience,” Stephanie Holland, head of spa at David Lloyd Clubs says. “Our ASMR spa video gives people the opportunity to experience the soothing benefits of the new Spa Retreat wherever they may be, while the planned live sessions will provide the ultimate immersive ASMR spa experience.” 

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